Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Low Dose Naltrexone January 2010 Lab Results for Hepatitis C

I started Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) last March for Hepatitis C. I also test positive for Sjogren's Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). These are my latest lab results.

I was a bit apprehensive as I didn't feel too well on the morning of my labwork - I had that "virusey" feeling and was also a bit stressed as they couldn't find the tests that they needed to run in the Quest Lab computer - so I sat for 45 minutes fuming. I had been feeling great except for that day (of course).

My HCV viral load crept up a bit from 18,729 in September to 34,524 - not too bad considering how I felt that day. Last January, pre-LDN, it was 1,280,000 and had dropped to 49,400 in June after being on LDN for 3 months. So I'm staying pretty stable - better than skyrocketing back up but not going down as I had hoped. For awhile, I was taking the 3 mg. LDN every other night, but for the last month or so, I went back to every night dosing. I will discuss with my doctor about possibly increasing the LDN dosage.

My ALT/AST were back to normal range though they weren't that high last time. In January last year, my ALT was 174, in May it dropped to 23, in Sept. it was 36 (range 6-40) and now is 34. My AST was 99 in January, 30 in May, 37 in Sept.(range 10-35) and 31 now.

Albumin (range 3.6 - 5.1) 4.8 - was 4.9 - it was 5.2 last January

Globulin (range 2.2 - 3.9) 2.9 from 3.0 - it was 3.7 last January

Bilirubin total (range 0.2 - 1.2) 0.7 from 1.1

Alkaline Phosphatase (range 33-130) 66 from 57

Total Protein - (range 6.2 - 8.3) 7.7 from 7.9 - it was 8.9 last January

Alpha Fetoprotein - 5.0 same as last time - was 6.1 which was high earlier last year.

My ferritin dropped from 80 to 38 which might be pushing it a bit - I'd been religiously taking the IP-6 along with a product called Chelaco (which my doc sells). My total iron is 136 (range 40-160) down from 165 and iron binding capacity is 373 from 352 (range 250-450)

Sjogren's level - 3.3 from 3.5 - it was 4.5 in January, pre-LDN

RA - 21 from 24 - it was 31 in January - pre-LDN

Vitamin D (range 20-100) - 59 from 49 but had been 62

Most of my other blood counts are the same - I need to talk to my doc before I try and interpret them - nothing really out of range but some of the ones that we were trying to change, via the methyl B vitamins are the same as they were in 2007. (MCV, MCH) red blood cell count, etc. I might talk to her about being tested for IF - Intrinsic Factor which can inhibit your body from absorbing B-12.

My red blood cell counts have always been on the low end - which was another argument on my part whenever a doc would try and push HCV treatment on me - ("how long before I'd be on Procrit? I'd ask them)

Slight decrease in platelets (range 140-400) 163 from 172 (186 last January)

Slight drop in red blood cell count (range 3.80-5.10) 3.84 from 3.95 (4.21 last January but 3.78 prior to that)

White blood cell count (range 3.8-10.8) 6.1 from 4.6 (6.0 from last Jan.)

Neutrophils - (range 1500-7800) 4111 from 2585 (3750 last jan.)

Eosinophils (range 15-500) 140 from 120 (102 last jan.)

Basophils (range 0-200) 24 from 14 (12 last Jan)

The LDN isn't really affecting my lymphocytes overall - some are better, some are worse.

CD3 (Mature T cells) (range - 57-85) 80 from 77

Absolute CD3+ Cells (range 840-3060) 1122 from 1008

%CD4 (Helper Cells) (range 30-61) 58 from 52

Absolute CD4+ cells (range 490-1740) 817 from 720

%CD8 (Suppressor T Cells) (range 12-42) 19 from 24

Absolute CD8+ cells (range 180-1170) 269 from 333

Helper/Suppressor ratio (range 0.86-5.00) 3.05 from 2.17

%CD16+CD56 (Natural Killer Cells) (range 4-25) 7 from 10

Absolute NK Cells (CD16+CD56 Cells) (range 70-760) 99 from 128

%CD19 (B cells) (range 6-29) 10 from 11

Absolute CD19+ Cells) (range 110-660) 139 from 134

Absolute Lymphocytes (range 850-3900) 1404 from 1308

Absolute CD3+ cells (range 840-3060) 1122 from 1008

Absolute CD4+ cells (range 490-1740) 817 from 720

Absolute CD8+ cells (range 180-1170) 269 from 333

Absolute NK Cells (CD16+CD56+ cells) (range 70-760) - 99 from 128

Absolute CD19+ cells - (range 110-660) 139 from 134

My doc also tests all of my adrenals (4 thyroid tests, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) Immunoglobulins, HHV 1-6 viruses, along with the standard CBC's, etc. All are pretty much the same as they were 2 years ago.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results especially as my viral load did not really increase as I had feared it might - and my LFT's have stabilized.


sherri said...

Great news! Your story gives so many people with Hepatitis C hope.

LDN has been wonderful for me, too. I've been on it eight months for MS. It really has given me my life back!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I will definitely follow your story. :)

susan said...

Do or did you have liver damage?

chriscat said...


I had "mild inflammation" on my 2003 liver biopsy with "fatty liver". My last ultrasound (last year after being on LDN for 4 months) showed "normal liver function". I've had Hepatitis C for almost 40 years.