Thursday, August 29, 2013

8 Years Later

8 years ago at this moment, the water started coming into my apartment after the shoddy levees constructed by the Corpse of Engineers failed in 58 places. And my mind went into the surreal. Not sure that it ever came back. Of the original 8 cats that shared that time with me, most are still here. Panda and Brooks passed away due to illness and Mama Minx perished months after the storm due to the wild dog packs that ravaged our city streets. 5 of those cats spent two weeks up in a closet without food or water until I could find a man with a boat to bring me to rescue them. I had escaped the house the day after Katrina with 3 cats - Panda, Cayenne and Rosemary. Mr. Magoo, Brooks, Woody, Sky and Tortie Miss are the cats that lived in that closet - the same closet that I escaped the neck high waters in. Mr. Magoo was diagnosed with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma two months ago and despite multiple treatments (including LDN) the tumor continues to grow and Magoo is now struggling. It won't be long now until he must pass over to the Rainbow Bridge. But my thoughts today are for the 1800 mostly elderly people who died that day - along with the 100,000 animals who died because they were left behind - and the countless tens of thousands of other ones who drowned in the streets. All due to the failure of the flood walls built by the US Army Corpse of Engineers. Memorial Video

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