Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LDN for Hepatitis C Sept. 2011 Lab Results

I haven't posted in awhile as nothing really new has been going on - and I hadn't had any new labs done until recently.

ALT:  28  down slightly from 30 it was in the Spring.

AST:  27  down from  33

HCV Viral Load - 36,902 up from  16,500 last time.  I am not really concerned about this as

VL does fluctuate - and on the day of the labs, I wasn't really feeling that well - I felt "virusy", if that is a word. It had done that in the past back in December 2009 but went back down to 11,300 in the next test.  36,902 is still very low.

She also ran an AFP test at the request of my Gastro - and it was 5.2, about the same as last time.

I will get back full labs soon and will post those as well.  I'm pretty happy with these results considering that I have been out of most supplements for months - just taking Milk Thistle, D3, Lysine and 3 mg. LDN.

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George Henderson said...

Very low AST/ALT, very low VL, good work. Proof of the pudding.